Using a remote shutter

Using an external camera shutter remote control means you don’t have to touch the device, which might cause the device to move. 

Using your Headphones as Camera Shutter Remote Control

The easiest way to remote-release the camera is to use the headphones that came with your device. Tap the volume control button on your headphones to take an image. Make sure the device is not set to mute. The volume control doesn’t work if the device is muted.

Wireless Bluetooth Camera Shutter Remote Control

Unfortunately, there is no support from iOS or Android for any of those Bluetooth shutter devices nor the volume button shutter use which it is based on. However, we managed to get most of the Bluetooth shutter to work. Just make sure the device is not set to mute. The volume control doesn't work if the device is muted. 

Keypad Support

Stop Motion Studio supports a wide range of external keypads or num pads. You can connect the keypad using a USB or Bluetooth connection. Having an external keypad allows you to move closer to the scene and still be able to control Stop Motion Studio. With an external keypad, you can control the shutter release, playback, and many more options.

Using the Remote Camera App

With the remote camera app, you can use a second device as an external camera connected via a WI-FI connection. 



Using an Apple Watch as Camera Shutter Remote Control

If you have an Apple Watch available, you can use it as a remote shutter release.