Trouble getting your DSLR camera to work.

If you have trouble getting your DSLR camera to work try the following steps in the precise order. 

Before starting make sure to have the latest version of the app installed. 

  1. Remove all other attached USB devices. 
  2. Start the Stop Motion Studio app. 
  3. Turn off the camera and connect it to the computer. 
  4. Wait 30 seconds until the camera is available in the capture source drop-down box. 
If you don’t see the camera make sure no other app is accessing the camera at the same time. If this doesn’t help power the computer off and on again. 

Sometimes it takes quite a while for the underlying system to recognize the camera while the system is indexing the sd-card content. Therefore it's better to use a smaller size sd-card or clean the sd-card content before using the camera.